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Getting My Feet Wet March 9, 2010

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So, um, hi everybody!  Welcome to my first venture into the world of blogging.  I’m planning on this being a place mostly for keeping in touch with family and friends, not really sharing biting political commentaries or becoming a famous novelist or starting an internet revolution against, I dunno, puppies or something.  It’s going to be what Kate’s husband Al refers to as an “I ate cereal today” blog.  If you don’t already know me in real life, the random stuff I post probably won’t be that interesting to you.  Even if you do know me, it probably won’t be that interesting.  That’s ok, I’ll just be over here in my little corner of the internet, amusing myself.  🙂

The other purpose of this shiny new blog is to share my (admittedly horrible) NaNoWriMo 2009 novel with you.  I decided to sign up for NaNo, where everyone pledges to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days, on a whim last November.  The challenge can feel a bit daunting at first, so one of the tips on the site is to tell people you’re doing it.  That way, you’re motivated to actually write your novel, lest you have to admit to all those people that you failed.  The only problem is, at the end of the month, they actually want to read what you wrote.

Now, let me be honest.  This novel is terrible.  Cranking out an an average of 1,667 words of fiction a day (which, of course, turned into 2,000 words one day, then nothing for like 5 days, then 3 frantic days of 4,500 words each, then…) does not exactly lend itself to brilliant metaphors and inspired plot twists.  Plus, mine was “inspired by” a song (read: a 50,000-word exercise in copyright infringement), so it’s sort of shallow and predictable.  But it’s mine.  It was a great experience writing it.  I managed to pleasantly surprise myself occasionally with how certain scenes or lines came out, I got over my fear of writing dialogue, and I met some really interesting people and had some laughs, both online and in real life.  And the sense of accomplishment when I hit submit after typing that 50,000th word was really cool, too.

So, to recap: My novel was fun to write, but is boring and predictable.  If, after that ringing endorsement, you still want to read it (and strangely, I know some of you do), tune in next week.  I’m gonna do a tiny bit of editing, mostly to get rid of some inconsistancies, and maybe change the order of a few scenes.  Just for fun, I’m going to post it in approximately 1,667-word chunks, starting next week.  In between, I may post rambling posts of the “I ate cereal today” variety to keep things interesting.  We’ll see.

But anyway, welcome!


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